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NETWORK MAGAZINE is the only independent magazine in Poland created for the business of direct selling and multi-level marketing in Poland. The magazine is a highly-esteemed and opinion-forming information platform as well as an exclusive educational tool essential for every manager working in the business of direct selling and multi-level marketing. Since 2004 the board of the periodical’s editors has been continually realizing set goals and the following tasks:

  • Reliable information and education of the society about the broached subjects,
  • Promotion of the real image of direct selling and multi-level marketing,
  • Promotion of the entrepreneurship and unemployment counteraction – through building respect for this business,
  • Promotion of business ethics and philanthropy.

How do we do it?

  • Through factual and reliable publications,
  • Independence,
  • Opiniotwórczość,
  • Professional support of acknowledged institutions and specialists in various knowledge domains and business segments.

The magazine is a quarterly witha circulation of 7 000 a significant part of its circulation is delivered to our subscribers. Since 2005 the magazine has also been available in Empik and Kolporterbranch houses in the entire country.


NETWORKIO is the only social networking service in Poland designed for the people already working in the business of direct selling and multi-level marketing in Poland. However, people who are interested in alternative methods of money making also use this networking service. They gain reliable information, publish multimedia materials concerning their lives and work, as well as comment on the developments.It is a perfect place for building one’s brand and image with the help of new media.

Network TV

NETWORK TV is a video conferencing platform through which we produce free training programs and educational lectures run by world’s best theoreticians and practitioners in direct selling and multi-level marketing in Poland, as well as in broadly defined business. Archives containing delivered lectures are located here.

Akademia MLM

MLM ACADEMY is the only training and consulting unit in the world designed by the board of Network Magazine’s editors. Its aim is the organization of training programs, conferences and seminars in the area ofentrepreneurship, business and selling with the highest standards, as well as broadly defined counseling and consulting for the companies both already functioning and intending to build their business based on the direct selling and multi-level marketing rules (also called MLM, network marketing and referral marketing). Thanks to this project and the help of the best specialists we design and build MLM companies. And we do have reasons to boast.


LEADERSHOP is the only place of its kind online. It is a carefully selected compendium of the best direct selling and multi-level marketing knowledge. The best books by top leaders, scientists, experts and specialists dealing with the subject matter on a daily basis - all in one place.It is a distinctive tool for everyone working in this sector, as well as for those who want to gain professional, reliable and competent information. Here is where you can find all the masterpieces that should be found in every businessman’s library.


BIZNESFAN is a blog run by Network Magazine’s editor-in-chief. Maciej Maciejewski is an independent journalist, publicist andan enthusiast ofentrepreneurship and business, especially multi-level marketing. According to him, this system, in contrast to other forms of running a small business, does not require great financial investments, while thinking and earning opportunities it creates for anyone beaming with a ray of enthusiasm and charisma are simply unlimited. In his opinion, these aspects make MLM the best current method of money making. He is the originator and editor-in-chief of Network Magazine, the co-founder of the first Top MLM Leaders Club and the originator of MLM Academy. He is also a member of the Program Committee and Jury of the prestigious contest Polish National Sales Awards. His outstanding lectures inform, educate, inspire and motivate to effective actions in the realm of MLM.

Sekrety DS & MLM

THE SECRETS OF DS/MLM is a blog run by the Network Magazine’s vice editor-in-chief. Piotr Wajszczak is an independent journalist, blogger, observer and promoter of MLM business. His blog was recognized as the best Polish blog in the category of Professional Blogs in the prestigious 2010 Blog Contest organized by Group. He has been running a business activity for many years and been involved in MLM since 2006. At the moment he is dealing with broadly defined business consulting (also outside MLM), training programs and strategies in modern media. In order to remain independent, he resigned from the co-operation with MLM company whose dynamic structure he built successfully. He is also known as the organizer of the Top MLM Gourmet Club.A member of the Program Committee of the prestigious contest Polish National Sales Awards.


Contact data:

4Media Publisher Wydawnictwo Prasowe
Maciej Maciejewski
NIP: 644-173-26-69
ul. Mielecka 18/28
41-219 Sosnowiec